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Gourmand rewards and honours those who "cook and drink with words." Gourmand Yearbook 2007 is dedicated to all the authors and publishers in the food and wine sector and endeavours to help readers find the best out of the many thousands of books produced every year. The 232-page "Gourmand 2007 Yearbook" showcases all national or regional Gourmand World Cookbook Awards winners from 2006, with a photo of their book cover, and a short text about the book and/or the author(s). The 2007 Yearbook also includes 77 pages of articles and a 14 page index. The Gourmand Yearbook 2007 is distributed free to guests at Gourmand Awards events, for instance in Beijing, China, April 4-8, 2007. It is sold at Book Fairs, in specialized bookstores, and by mail directly from Gourmand.


Book Specifications

Published in English by: Gourmand - SPA
ISBN: 978-84-89131-43-9
Pages: 232 Pages
Format: 210 x 270
Weight: 1,4 kg
Cover: soft
Retail Price: 19 Euros, transportation not included

Shipping Spain: 7 Euros
Shipping Europe: 19 Euros
Outside Europe: 35 Euros

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